Affinity - Needed?

Hi, we have a few clients who are on Quickfile who have provided access to different staff members.

We have a new client who has tried to provide access to my email but an error message pops up saying mail already in use, the message mentions setting up an Affinity account but when I looked at the website it seems to suggest we would be charged for this?

Our client’s pay Quickfile directly for their use of the software, so I am wondering what will happen if we do set up such an account?

Can you let me know please?


Hi @Shannon

If you are managing multiple QuickFile accounts, then Affinity would be the best way to go. This allows you to use one email address with multiple accounts rather than having an email addresses for each account.

As you rightfully say however, Affinity does have it’s own fee structure as it comes with additional features on top of the ability to use one email address.

I hope this helps.

Hi Mathew, is there a solution around this at all? I am only logging in to download TB’s etc rather than actually data inputting?


The only other way to do this would be to either have an individual email on each account, or ask your client to send you a copy of the Trial Balance report for you.

How much are the charges for Affinity are we likely to have if we aren’t processing any transactions? Are Quickfile then being paid by the client and then also by us, both based on number of transactions activity?


Affinity is charged based on the account size. There’s a handy calculator here:

The fee is charged daily, so if they’re only linked for 1 day, then that’s all you’ll be charged for.

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