Affinity profiles have been automatically detached

Just made a payment for my affinity account but all my profiles have been removed.
Any reason why?


Hi @harry

All profiles are removed after 2 weeks of no funds being on the account so the users of those individual accounts can continue to use them should they wish.

If you could supply me with the Affinity account number, I’ll certainly ask for those profiles to be re-attached for you.

My affinity number is 1102400715

I have managed to attach 2 of them. Can you link all the profiles please

Thank you

HI I have same issue with profile 1102401280, is it possible to link the other tow that have been dropped , thanks

Hi @paulmears

I’ve asked the relevant department to sort this for you. I’ll update you once this has been done.

@paulmears - This should now all be done for you. Please let me know if you have any further issues.

I logged into my affinity account to see it in debt (by £0.22 GBP), so topped it up with a large sum, cleared the balance only to find that all the profiles have disappeared?

Whats happened / going on? HELP PLEASE!!!

Hi @MattTaylor

I’ve responded to your other posts in a combined thread.

Hi, I have the problem again with profile 1102401280. Can the profiles of the companies be attached again please


Hi @paulmears

I have reattached the profiles for you. It’s recommended to have a direct debit set up to prevent this happening.

@QFMathew I just posted somewhere else as well. Would you do it for me as well, please?
I made a top up of my Affinity funds only to find out it’s completely empty.
My Affinity number is removed.

@mgeezy - I’ve responded to your other post for you.

Hi. Could you also help me with this please - same issue - need to reattach accounts after topping up.

hi @MDC,

I have just sent you a private message :slight_smile:

Dear Support - this has happened again to me!
All 3 accounts have disappeared.
Affinity account 1102400745


Hi @MattTaylor

The profiles are removed if there is no credit on the account and there’s an outstanding balance. The best thing to do is set up a direct debit as this takes the balance each month.

I will take a look at this for you and reply to your PM shortly.

I’ve just logged into my affinity account, been told I had to pay money, put £30 to cover a year’s service, and now there are no profiles on my account. Where has my “profile” gone?

It sounds like somehow if my account runs out of money then my profile gets “detached”, whatever that means. How do I fix this?

It seems INSANELY hostile to me as a user that I receive ZERO NOTIFICATIONS and when I log in, after I pay my account (first I hear that anything is due) and then I can’t use my account.

How can I get back to my account?

Hi @chmac

We can certainly help you get these restored - we’ll send you a private message shortly to get some account details from you.

When the account balance hits £0.00 the first time, we send an email explaining the process and the situation. We disconnect accounts because where Affinity is used by an accountant, it allows the individual account holder to continue using QuickFile rather than being locked out because their accountant hasn’t topped up their account (for example).

The balance of your account is available at any time by going to the billing section, where you can also set up a direct debit. There’s no additional fee for using direct debit, but this will always keep your account in credit by requesting the balance each month.

Hope that helps, and we’ll drop you the message shortly.

I don’t have any record of any email in relation to this. I’d have paid it if I saw the email. I’ve just double checked and I have no record of anything including in my spam folders. I’ll reply to your other message now.