Affinity User & Power User


I have a couple of questions:

  1. If I become an Affinity user, do I also become a Power User; or are they both two separate subscriptions that I have to sign up for?

  2. Regarding the Advanced Customisation Tools - will I be able to edit the CSS/HTML template for the Invoices & Estimates? Is there any demo (screenshot) of this so I can see what it’s capable of? or perhaps a trial even for 1 day?

Many thanks!

Hi @Abdul

If you have an Affinity account, you don’t need to have a Power User Subscription (PUS). However, they are separate subscriptions, so you can also purchase the PUS too if you want access to the additional features.

You can currently edit template designs with CSS using the Invoice Gallery, which can be found on the invoice preview screen:

The advanced editor allows you to edit certain areas, allowing you to edit some HTML, CSS and JavaScript files to suit your needs. If you would like access to this, I can activate a 7 day trial for you if you wish?

I have sent you a private message with my account link to activate the trial for.

If I have an affinity account and purchase Power User, does it enable Power User on all the profiles under my affinity account or just for a single profile?

The Power User Subscription is a per-account product, so it will only be applied to one account, no all of them.

I’ve also responded to your message (you should have a little green notification in the top right hand corner)

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