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Aged creditor balances to a specified date

Hi all,

Would anybody be able to assist in helping me run an aged creditor report as at a specified date in the past in order to reconcile the control account balances?

This may help:


No Glen, unfortunately it did not. The balance as per the TB was not the same as the balance in the historicalinvoices report and the last thread of that topic was you advising that you would ask somebody to look into it. In fact this bears no resemblence to an aged creditor report on the basis that the individual supplier or debtor accounts cannot be analysed by debtor or creditor to agree the balance in the control account.
There have been no journal entries directly into the control account, so the difference eludes me.

The Creditor balance in QuickFile can only be derived from the total of all open purchase invoices, any prepayments and finally journals. If you PM me with the account in question along with the date you’re trying to reconcile to I can take a look for you.

What do you mean “PM you with the account in question”? Do you want me to PM you the company name? The account is the creditor control account.

To send me a private message on here with the QuickFile account number and the date which you would like to reconcile to.


I have just clicked on the avatar of you but there is no message button present!

This is becoming incredibly frustrating.

Try now, as you are a new user on the forum the private message feature is disabled. It should however work fine now.

Also please provide the “specified date” you want to report on?

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