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I am sure I am overlooking something rather simple, however my accountant and I couldn’t find a way of pulling of a detailed breakdown report for creditors and debtors for a given time period, allow me to explain…

We are concluding 17/18 year end accounts. I can pull off an ageing creditors and debtor report that is current (to date) however we want to see these reports for close of play 31st of March 2018, as throughout that tax year (17/18) we have had over payments on account for both supplier and customers, which in effect would have been held as prepayments on account for various customer and suppliers, many of which where then applied or refunded back in 18/19 and thus the current ageing reports don’t show us how and when those prepayments were introduced and what the state of play was at the end of that accounting period regarding the aforementioned.

Andy help and advice is much appreciated and thanks in advance for your consideration and time

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Hi @Andy_B

I think the report you’re looking for would be the Debtor / Creditor Report, found by going to Reports >> All Reports.

This will allow you to enter a date and we’ll show you the outstanding invoices as of that date.

Hope this helps?

Thank you very much, I had already found the Debtor/Creditor report and managed to specify a query date however in our instances at the bottom of the report (invoices receivable) there are pre-payments of £725.93 for year ending 31.03.18.

We would like to be able to view where and who these pre-payments are assigned too and therefore any advice on how we can extract this information would be much appreciated.

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Although they’re not shown on the screen, you can export the report which does include the prepayments - just click the “Export Data” option in the top right corner.

The other option is to do an advanced search on the client screen for a particular date range: View all clients with prepayments

Thank you thats great! Much appreciated.

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