Air B and B receipts

Good evening. I run a property maintenance business and now starting a air B and B side on a house.
Is there a way of creating a payment from emailing the payment receipt received from air B and B or is the simplest way to email receipt to the hub and then use those details to create an invoice to air B and B then just record payment for that period of payment? New to all this. Maintenance side is a lot easier.
Some guidance would be very helpful so I get it right at the start.
Thanks andy

Hi @drew4,

No, you can only tag receipts against invoices - not payments

This would probably be the best way to go about it - You can either create the payment at the same time as creating the invoice or if you have a bank feed leave the invoice unpaid then you can tag as paid from the bank transaction

It would be a good QF enhancement to build some functionality for this

I’ve just had a thought about the receipt from air B and B and creating it as a payment.
If you create the amount of the receipt as a negative value (basically putting a minus sign in front of the figure).it then creates an option at the bottom that states it’s a refund to bank or customer. Although this isn’t correct it should add funds to the account instead of deducting it.
Would this be a correct procedure for accounting purpose or would this be frowned upon? I’m not an actual accountant just a small business that uses the system to help me make my life easier.

I’m not understanding what it is you’re trying to do though as you haven’t said.

A negative number will change it to a credit note, which is why it’s asking where the repayment is coming from.

What are you trying to do? They someone can advise.

I receive a payment receipt from air B and B via email and wanted to create this as a payment received into my accounts. To save me re typing and creating an invoice then going to document manager and then attaching the receipt to the invoice I wanted to know a so we way of doing this. I then had a thought of just changing the amount as a mi us number so that it would recognise it as a payment in. I can then click the refund into bank option then this now becomes a payment as the receipt hub is only really used fir purchases.
I wanted to know would this be good practise as I’m not a trained account just a small sole trader. Or do I go the king route and create an invoice as above?

Tag the payment from the bank as “payment from a customer” then raise it as an invoice on the AirBnB account (could even use bank tagging rules here).

I’d leave it at that, you don’t need to upload anything, no different to any other customer paying an invoice and sending you a confirmation of some kind. You could upload the payment receipts to the document manager but I don’t see the need, just keep them yourself for if they are ever needed in the future.

Thank you for all your suggestions.

Using emails to automatically process payments is a high maintenance approach; essentially it was the basis of the EDI systems of the past that were never that successful due to the maintenance.

Any forward thinking company provides an API for precisely this application. Unfortunately airBnB have a closed, limited API and most of the competitors in the short let market are the same.

We can only keep pushing them to catch up with the new ways of working and demand that an full API is a part of their standard offering as a condition of signing up with them.

It would cut my booking & invoice processing by 70% based on other suppliers that are forward thinking.

So, email airBnB to make your views known. They never know; I may even start using them again!

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