Alert - failed to send by post: Can't locate a valid postcode


I have noticed an alert saying that my invoice has failed to send due to an inability to locate a valid postcode.
I have checked the postcode - it is correct for the client
I have checked the postcode - it is valid - Google maps can find it accurately.

Unfortunately the client insists on a posted invoice. Other than printing a copy of the invoice and posting it myself how should I go about resolving this?

Also Quickfile didn’t send a notification on the alert it was only when i chased the invoice payment with the client that i discovered it hadn’t been posted.



I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with the postcode, it’s more likely that it’s not falling in the exact position on the invoice so that it will be visible in the windowed envelope.

When you click to send by snail mail it will superimpose a red box over the invoice preview, does it fall within this box?


I had a quick check on your account and the template you’re using unfortunately isn’t compatible with iMail due to the folding and windowed envelope position. I would suggest switching to the Standard template in the invoice gallery, this will work with iMail.

Thanks for your speedy response Glenn

I had wondered what the pink box had flashed up for but there didn’t seem to be an explanation or perhaps in my rush i didn’t see it.


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