Allocate Customer Refunds

Please help, i sell clothes and quite often my customers will return part of their order, when i go to bank account to allocate a refund to the customer, i can never find the payment i want. I have one customer name ‘Web Sales’ so there are lots of entries. It comes up with lots of payments under the customer name, but very rarely the one i want to allocate it to, the refund is always a smaller amount than the payment and after the payment date. Sadly it is very rarely the exact amount they paid so im unable to search that way. It would be great if you could enter an invoice number to allocate it to ?? Please help as this is very frustrating

I have shown an example where this order number doesnt appear in the list, a really easy solution would be to be able to select an invoice number.


Hi @Kerri_Gilbranch,

The best way to do this would be from the invoice itself as a Credit note, this will then create the bank entry so you would need to remove the one that is already there.

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