Allocate % of invoice to a project tag

If we purchase an item- say a computer- but want to split the cost into two projects it would be helpful if when tagging the project you could specify the percentage of the payment to allocate to the project tag. We could then add two project tags and split the costs by project 60/30 for instance

Thank you for the suggestion, we will possibly look at this when developing the projects module further. Unfortunately I don’t have any time scale for this right now.

Great! I am after a similar feature, to make it possible to tag items on an invoice to different projects.
Similar as above but % wouldn’t work for me.

We are the same as Erika and need to be able to tag different invoice lines or to have a better way to categorise further than nominal codes.

We are a charity and currently have no way within quickfile to monitor restricted funds as purchase invoices often cover several different projects/funds.
Ideally we’d also like to be able to tag nominal lines too as salaries are often restricted to projects.

We have looked into the project adjustment feature but as these all get lumped into an adjustment figure at the bottom of the project P&L that does not give us a solution.

If the tag by line is still far down the project plan, Is it an option to improve the project adjustment?
I was thinking being able to assign an adjustment a nominal code and description and roll it into the correct nominal on the project P&L

The lack of this ability to report restricted funds is making us consider moving away from Quickfile which seems a shame as the rest of the functionality fits our needs well.