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Allocating a purchase against a customer

Is it possible to allocate a purchase so it shows against a customers

Hi @Jackie_Howe

Before I can answer this, would you mind me asking a few more questions?

  • Is your customer also a supplier?
  • Is it a purchase on behalf of the client?

Many Thanks,

Hello Sian

The customer is a tenant so I would like to allocate any bills to that property.

Many thanks


Hi @Jackie_Howe

Just one more question if you don’t mind?

Are you looking to pass on any bills to the tenant (e.g. re-billing), or do you just want to view all documents in relation to the property?

If you are trying to Re-bill the expenses, you may find this post to be useful: Purchases on behalf of client

If you want to find out more about using project tagging to keep things grouped together (e.g. expenses for a property) you can find more information here: Projects in QuickFile

I would just like a summary of all the bills that relate to the property. The tenant will only be billed for the rent.


Hi @Jackie_Howe

It sounds to me like Project Tags are the way to go.

Project tags can be used to to keep things grouped together (e.g. expenses for a property) you can find more information here: Projects in QuickFile

In your case you could have a project tag for “tenant address”, then bills and other expenses can also have that tag meaning you can see everything in the same place.
You can also generate a profit and loss for each tag which in your case could show the total bills compared to the rent received.

Sounds perfect. One last question please can I run a number of companies ?

Can I also backdate the input of bank statements

Many thanks

Hi @Jackie_Howe

If they’re all registered separately at Companies House, you would need a separate QuickFile account for each to keep their records separate from each other.

Do you mean from a bank feed or from a file import (e.g. CSV)?

From a bank feed. I need to know the best way to get information in from April 19

From that far back you would need to import a statement. You should be able to download one from your online banking account in a format such as CSV.

The bank feed can only go back around 30 days unfortunately.

Thank you is csv the only format as my boss is downloading from tide and tells me this was not an option.

You should be able to download a CSV by following this guide from the Tide forum:

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