Allocating Payments from customers

When allocating payments from customers to their invoices from imported bank statements the system brings up a list of relevant invoices based I think on the amount of the payment, which is great. As an additional feature could the invoice number be added to this list of invoices as we often have many invoices of the same value and it would be nice to be able to allocate the correct payment to the correct invoice etc without having to do this via the multiple payments option.

Thanks, Stuart

I see currently we’re showing:

dd/mm/yyyy [SupplierName]: [Description] [GBP #,###]

I think we could probably add a tooltip (i.e. a small hover box) to reveal the invoice number when you hover your mouse over each invoice, would this work? I think including the invoice number would push everything onto two lines.

To have it displayed would be best, but understand about going onto two lines, so a tooltip would work as 2nd choice. Thanks for your assistance Glenn. KR Stuart