Allocating payments from old invoices

Does anyone know how I can allocate a payment to invoices that I raised before using Quickfile?

I started using QF in April last year but payments came in after that date that related to invoices I had sent before using QF. Once I imported my banking transactions, I tagged these payments to the relevant client but didn’t have an invoice to allocate them to - and now I am finding that clients are showing as being in credit, when they’re not…

To complicate matters further, a couple of these transactions are now locked because they are linked to VAT returns that I have already submitted…

Hi @johnliddle

Would I be right in thinking you imported opening balances (e.g. a trial balance or manually input them) for when you started using QuickFile?

Going back a bit now but yes, I think I did - I downloaded my transactions as a CSV file and I’m pretty sure I had to manually input the opening balance to make sure it corresponded to my bank balance.

Ok, great.

What you would need to do is adjust your opening balances and create a dummy invoice for the outstanding amount.

This topic may help: Where to assign payments for invoices from previous system?

Thanks Matthew, but I think I’ve got into a bit of a muddle! I created a dummy invoice for the relevant amount, assigned it to the client and dated it for last March (before I came to QF). I marked it as ‘paid’ and I think I had the option to take it from the client’s surplus.

When I produced a statement, it seemed to be correct, but of course there was an entry on there for the dummy invoice.

So I decided that wasn’t right and so I deleted the invoice and the payment - I was given the option of whether I wanted the payment credited to the client’s account instead, and I said no - but now I don’t know where that has gone!

Separately, I went to check my P&L to see if it had caused any issues there and my loss is in a huge surplus due to entries in my suspense account…

You’ve deleted the payment so now your bank balance is probably wrong.

Any ideas where I’ve gone wrong and how I can fix this?

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