Allocating payments to a supplier's statement

I have selected all the invoices and credits in QF and clicked pay as 1 lump sum. The message appears saying the invoices already paid have been unchecked - this is always the credits. Consequently, my total now differs from the statement, and now when I’m trying to cross match bank statements v QF transactions for the qtrly submittance, it does not match.

I’d do this from the bank statement side rather than the invoice list - add a bank transaction for the amount you actually paid, then tag it as “payment to a supplier” and “pay down multiple invoices”. You should be able to then select all the outstanding invoices up to the amount you’ve paid.

With the credits, if you created the credit notes from the invoices they are credits for, then it should all balance straight away as the outstanding balance on these invoices will already have been reduced by the amount of the credit note.

If instead you created ad hoc credit notes you presumably now have some amount of credit held on the supplier’s account, and this should hopefully exactly match the amount outstanding on their invoices (the total of those invoices minus the amount you’ve tagged from the bank transaction). You can go to the unpaid or part-paid invoices and “log payment”, it should give you the option to use the credit to clear the outstanding balance.

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