Allocating payments to multiple invoices

When I try to tag my bank transactions and allocate a month end invoice payment to multiple invoices, it will not allow me to allocate the payment to the correct invoices and does not display enough invoices so I cannot allocate the payment to the whole month’s invoices. If I instead allocate the payment to a supplier account selecting ‘payment on account (assign later)’, and then go back into the payment through the supplier menu, there is no option to assign the bulk payment to separate invoices. Help!

Allocate Payment on Account to Several Invoices:

Click the 1st invoice that you want to update as paid and then click ‘Log Payment’, from the payment pop up menu, select ‘Apply for Credit’ and add any notes required:

Repeat the process for all purchases invoices included in the lump sum payment.

Substitute Payment on the Bank:

You can also update several purchases invoices as paid from one lump sum payment, simply go to the supplier invoice management area by clicking the ‘Supplier Name >> View >> All Invoices’:

Now select all the purchase invoices you would like to pay and click ‘Update as Paid’, the grouped payment pop up window will appear, from here select ‘Allocate one lump payment then use this to pay down selected invoices’, enter all the details, making sure to select the correct bank account the payment was made from and also the date the actual payment was made:

The final step, is to go back to the bank account and delete the duplicate untagged lump sum payment. In your case you will need to delete the payment tagged as a ‘Payment on account (Assign later)’.

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