Allocating payments to suppliers

I am trying to allocate a payment to a supplier; I have entered the supplier name and selected this, it then lists the invoices outstanding. However, the list of invoices that shows is limited to 20 and in this instance we are paying more than 20 invoices. So I either pay the 20 showing and allocate later or allocate the whole amount to pay later. Just checking that I’m not missing something here.

So if I tick to allocate later - I cannot seem to find where and how to do this please within the supplier account - I can find the payment and select it within the supplier account, but then there is no option to allocate, thank you

If you tag the bulk supplier payment as a ‘Payment on account (Assign later)’ you can then allocate the payment by going to the supplier and selecting ‘View >> All Invoices’:

Now click on the ‘Chip’ next to the purchase invoice you want to pay, the log payment pop up will appear, check ‘Apply from credit’, enter any notes required and click save:

Repeat the above process for each purchase invoice the payment of account relates to.

Alternatively, you can also select several invoices from the invoice management area and select ‘Update as Paid’, then enter all the details on the ‘Grouped Payment’ pop up, finally go back to the bank and delete the duplicate payment:


For some reason a credit assigned to a supplier doesn’t appear when I click on the “chip” or “log payment” menu. Only the standard options of current account, credit cards etc, appears but the image you have used to display how to apply credits to bring down the balance doesn’t show up for me to select the “Allocate…” options.

Is there something that needs to be done on supplier account or invoices to enable this option or is it just a bug ?

Thanks in advance.