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Allow clients to view file attachments


Would it possible to create a permission to allow Clients to view file attachments?



Hi @Antony_Nicholas

If a file is attached to an invoice or estimate, this is already possible.

The user will see a list of files when they login to view them, and we can include a list of attachments in an email too.

Is this the sort of thing you mean, or are you referring to another part of the system?

No, I mean the “Client File Attachments”.
Under the “Client File Tab”. I don’t think those files can be viewed by the Client. I have a feeling it wasn’t designed for the Client to view those files.

Also I think it would be quite handy if when a client is logged in they can have another Tab that lists all of their files instead of having to click on the specific invoice.

Thank you for your suggestion and clarification. We’ll leave this thread open for others to add their vote for this feature.