Allow direct invoice link from API

The QuickFile UI allows users to copy a direct link to an invoice that can be shared in their own emails. It would be good if this functionality was also available via the API.


If I’m not mistaken that’s the DirectPreviewUri in the response from Invoice_Get.

Hi @ian_roberts, unfortunately that link only directs the viewer to a PDF copy of the invoice. That means that they cannot accept or decline an estimate, or perform any other actions. There is also the Client_LogIn endpoint that generates a passwordless link for a client to log in to their account. The link can optionally be directed to a specific invoice. This almost exactly fits our needs, except the link expires after 20 minutes. The link that is accessible from the UI does not expire. Ideally we would like an API method for retrieving this link.

Hi @Adam_Johnston

Unfortunately the expiring link is the only option at this time.

What you may wish to do is add a page in the middle, in which case a user would be taken to your site, in the background you get the expiring link, and then you redirect them to the invoice page.

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Thanks @QFMathew,

Yeah, I understand that’s an option. Equally we could implement a scraping script to retrieve the link from the UI.

I created this request because I discovered that the non-expiring link is generated on the UI. It would simplify and speed up the process if we could access this link using the API, instead of scripting our own workaround.