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Also Bank of Scotland open bank feed issues

I’m having the same issues as others here - everything seems to be accepted at BoS but when finishing sign up it returns a technical error, and so far the Quickfile website has only been able to say:

BOS authorisation server returned an error: server_error

I’ve called BoS (Lloyds) today about our business account and they gave me a direct number for the open banking team. I called them and they can’t see any problems in the log files :-(((

As someone asked in another thread, has anyone with a BoS business account managed to get the link working with open banking, or is it just broken for all?

We do have a number of connected BOS accounts via Open Banking. I’ve sent you a private message (look for the green notification top right) so we can get some more info and check our logs.

That’s great, thanks for letting me know, there must be some environmental issue then somewhere :-o

I am still having this error. I called BoS again today. They said that they are still working on the fault and that other people have reported this same issue. There seem to have been a lot of posts about this fault with BoS and Lloyds, but I still haven’t heard of any actual user who is using the open banking feed successfully.

When I try to sign up, on the Bank of Scotland website underneath the logo where your name appears, mine says “undefined” just before my name - so I’ve passed this on to all parties in case that helps. It may just be a designation missing (e.g. Mr / Mrs) but I thought I’d mention it :slight_smile:

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I am having the same problem, but the notice is “It’s not possible to set up data sharing from any of the accounts you have with Bank of Scotland. We’ve logged you out of Bank of Scotland Secure Gateway”
That was for Business Accs, I will now try Commercial to see if it makes a difference.
Any other ideas??

That did not work, nor Personal

I couldn’t get the “open bank” feed to work at all in the end so used their other method of connecting which is working well so far. I can’t remember what it is called off-hand but you should see it when you try to link the account.

Yodlee worked, but was trying to avoid that. Had to use the card reader, would not let me in with memorable word. Thx

Has anyone else overcome these issues? I can’t renew my BOS open banking feed. Trying to talk with the bank of Scotland about it is very frustrating. They lately admit they have an issue - what they describe as something “they know about” but they are not fixing it. I might shift to another bank if they don’t. Anyone got any suggestions??

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