Alternative SES password length 20 supported

Hi guys, i have a problem with the password length, my ERP Totvs only supporte 20 caracters password and the SES create only with 40.

How could I get any alternative ?

its possible to change?

Hi @Carlops_Geraissati

Can I just check where you’re trying to put this? Are you trying to set up SES (I assume AWS SES?) as your SMTP server?

Hi thanks for tour Help, yes im trying to use The AWS ses but my aplication accept only password with 20 caracters and The Amazon create a password with 40 carácter.

Hi @Carlops_Geraissati

I’ve just double-checked and the SMTP password box is limited to 150 characters, so 40 shouldn’t be an issue:

Are you seeing any error messages? Providing it doesn’t contain any private information, would you be able to upload a screenshot please?

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