Amazon Business

Amazon have just offered me a business account, and it has options to link to business software, but only the big business stuff. Is there any chance you may be able to link to them?

Hi @Healthpay

This isn’t something that we’re going be able to look into I’m afraid. However, it does seem that there’s an option to do this via Zapier, which does work with QuickFile. Maybe that would help?

Thanks for the reply. This is different to Amazon Seller - more like Amazon Business Buyer!

I don’t know much about Amazon business buyer accounts but I think from an integration point of view it’s the same as a regular Amazon customer account? How is it different?

I’m thinking about looking at doing some Amazon integration stuff later in the year for my own activities. Is it something you’d pay a few quid for if I did a quickfile partner app?

Yes, it’s the same but with the addition of more than one login sharing the same account, shared payment method, and automatic VAT invoices. I’m not sure how much an integration would be worth to us until I have used it a bit.

I also use Amazon Business for business purchases and unfortunatelly Zapier would not help. The difference between Amazon Business account is that you get special business prices on some products, you get loads of benefits for businesses. However, what I really need is to be able to import our purchases into QuickFile. One of the easiest ways, I think would be to import the invoices as Amazon Business lets you export your invoices into a csv file. So is there a way that we can import the csv invoice file for all Amazon Business transactions into QuickFile? This would really save a lot of time than having to manually create each transaction.

This would be possible, but may require some modifications to the .csv file produced by Amazon.

I’ve linked to the importing transactions guide, and also importing invoices guide below:

Nice, I think this will work because Amazon Business also allows to manage the columns before you export the csv file, so that you export only the info you need from the invoices. Didn’t think of the Data import wizzard :blush: Thank you, will be trying it later on :smiley: