Amazon EU Sales Invoices

How do I show Amazon EU sales invoices as paid.

When you download a summary of say Amazon DE (German site) sales and expenses for a monthly period, it is all shown in Euros. So it might say income of 300 euros and expenses of 50 euros. I can create and invoice for this in QF, but then when I go to pay the invoice into the Amazon Merchant account I created, I can’t because I do not know what this works out in GBP. I do have GBP sums shown on my current account from Amazon, but they are on no use as they relate to the statements that Amazon do every 2 weeks, so a credit in my current account might be £250 for 23rd August to 5th September, so would be of no use to work out the exchange rate they used for the month the invoice is for.

Anyone know what I can do to solve this.

I did consider using Amazons weird 2 week or whatever they like to make statements that are produced and show the money transferred into my current account, and from this I can get an exchange rate to use, but this means I wont be accounting for the sales and expenses on a monthly basis, but instead based on the dates they invoice me for. Can I do this?

I hope this makes sense. I just want to know how I put Amazon international sales and expenses through QF.

You’d either need to convert your German sales to GBP first or create a second Amazon Merchant account denominated in EUR. The former option is quicker and less complicated, when Amazon pay the net of the sales less their fee you can then crystalise the exchange rate and work out the GBP equivalent.