Amazon FBA


Can you please advise how to import an Amazon transaction ot fulfillment report to the system? I would like to have sales details on my dashboard.

When I am trying to use a Import Sales Report it asks me to map 4 fields - Issue dates, Customer details,etc. How can I do? I am always getting an error message.

Many thanks

Hi @Nannet

I’m not familiar with the report you mention, although I’m happy for you to send me a copy in a private message if you wish and I’ll certainly take a look for you (click my avatar, and then ‘Message’).

There are a certain number of fields you can map with the invoice import as outlined in our guide.

Once you send the report over, I should have a better understanding of the report and be able to advise on the best way to enter this into the system.

Thanks for your reply, I have clicked on your avatar but I cannot see ‘Message’.

No problem! I’ve just sent you a message :slight_smile: