Amazon Integration

I have my PayPal feed integrated and working fine but I can’t see a feed for Amazon - does this capability exist at the moment? I might just be being dim and missing it.

Hi @algieb, We had a discussion about Amazon Market Place integration sometime back. The only problem at the moment is we need to open accounts with all these providers in order to develop the integration. It’s definitely something we’d like to do but getting the account open and creating some history for reliable testing is the sticking point.

We did reach out last year to see if anybody would be able to give us access via the API but this didn’t go anywhere. It’s still something we’re keen to look at further though.

Here’s the other post:

If you are still interested in development of Amazon Marketplace feed and gaining an access to transaction history please let me know. I will consider sharing account access via API.


We did have a window over a year ago to look at this but unfortunately priorities changed. At the time we couldn’t find a partner who would work with us on this. I will however get in touch should we be able to pick this up again.

i know this is an old post, but why not just import everything into a single amazon supplier account, i just post my invoices to one account anyway, cheers