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Amazon Purchase Import Suggestions

Hello QuickFile,

Thanks for adding this feature, already a huge time saver.

Would you consider updating with the following capabilities:

  1. Reflect the quantities: currently, each line item is imported with a quantity of one, rather than the quantiy in the CSV file. Instead, the actual quantity, unit price and total price could be reflected in the generated receipt.
  2. Shipping charges: these appear to be added to the line items, rather than reflected separately. This may be important for VAT reasons as well.

Functionality question:
3. Invoice date vs. order date: it looks like Amazon is not providing the invoice date in the CSV. The column is there, but no dates. If it was provided, would the importer use it, instead of the order date?

Thanks and regards,

Hi Thomas,

Good to hear that it’s helping you save time.

  1. We could append the quantity and unit price to the description. We don’t have QTY column for purchase invoices, so it would need to form part of the descriptive text. It’s not a problem to add this as I see that the information is there in the CSV.

  2. It may be possible, however none of the CSVs we worked with had any shipping costs, therefore we were unable to see how this was denominated. If you want to PM myself or @QFSupport with a sample CSV, we will gladly look into this.

  3. Inclusion of an invoice date will probably require the account to be set to monthly invoicing terms. As you’ll then likely have all your purchases grouped to one single invoice. Again this is not something we designed for in this initial version. While it’s again possible, it would be interesting to see what the demand is for this feature as it would require some extensive work on our part to support this.


Mine can have different order/invoice dates and I’m not on account. Just seems it takes Amazon or the sellers several days sometimes to process the order.

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Thanks, Glenn.

  1. Quantities: That would be perfect, that’s what we are doing that manually for now.

  2. Shipping costs: Will find a sample and send it by PM.

Thanks and regards,

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Hello Glenn,

It looks like orders cancelled on Amazon get imported.

These have Cancelled in the Order Status column.

Would be great if these could be filtered out.

Kind regards,

Yes, they should be filtered out. We’ll patch this and deploy an update with the quantity handling this evening.

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That’s great, thanks!