Amazon selling and customer invoice

Hi all
I sell on Amazon and every 2 weeks I record my selling (all transactions) but sometimes my customers want to get invoice for Amazon purchase so I have to create it for them. The question is how not to count it as a sell because it was included in bulk record.

Hi @awariat

There wouldn’t be a way to create an invoice without it affecting your profit and loss.

I think what you would need to do in this instance would be to amend the original invoice to deduct the value of the individual sale and then reissue the invoice for that one customer. You could even use a negative line on the original invoice.

For example,
One day I take £200.00 on Amazon, but a customer wants an invoice for their purchase of £25.00. I raise the new invoice for that customer for their purchase of £25.00 and send it to them. I note the number of this invoice and the amount. I then amend the original £200.00 invoice and add a line for the value of ‘-25.00’, with a description to match, such as “Issued individual invoice, #0001

That way, you don’t need to recalculate the value manually, and there’s a note there that would lead to the new invoice should you need to look it up. The overall effect on your sales is £0.00, as you’ve decreased the value of one invoice by the value of another.

Hope that helps?

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