Amend address on Invoice

I’m a sole trader cleaner. I’ve been ask by a client to amend billing address on the last issued Invoice as they moved. Can I just change address and re-send the Invoice with the same date, etc? Or do I need to create a credit note and send a new Invoice instead?

Hello @Beata

It would depend if it has been included on a vat return and locked.

If not, view the invoice and click Modify invoice


The Modify the client address and re send it


If it has then you would have to credit (as you say) because you will not have the modify option.

Thanks for your reply.
I’m not a vat payer. I do my invoices in excel and send them to a client as pdf. I’m working as self employed cleaner who earn around 20k a year (mostly I work in private houses and a one company). So I do my invoices manual. I don’t use computerised accounting system.
So I can amend address and send it again with the same date, invoice no, etc?

Hello @Beata

I can only advise you on processing in QuickFile and I am not a registered accountant.

I don’t see why not but I would check with your accountant just to be safe.

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