Amend/Remove locked category

Our company uses our own category codes from 6xxx to 9xxx. Some codes that we use are locked in QuickFile e.g. 6201 Advertising. Is there a way to remove / amend locked codes/categories?

Also is there a way of changing groups (sales, purchases, direct expenses, etc.)? And/or have them not-dependant on code range?

Many thanks!

Hi @matt.goldyn

You can remove unused accounts by going to ‘More Options’ and selecting the ‘Remove Unused Accounts’ option on the Chart of Accounts screen:

Generally the locked codes are used for other functions in the system (e.g. general sales, suspense account etc.).

As for the groups, unfortunately there isn’t a way of changing them or having non-dependant group ranges, as these make up the fundamentals of some of the reports (balance sheet, profit and loss etc). If you post an example of a code you were thinking of, perhaps someone on the forums could suggest of a better way of handling it on QuickFile?

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