Amend submitted VAT return

Hi, I’m not sure if this is a support question (undo what I’ve done) or an accounting question (amend it after the event) but I have the following issue. I have just submitted (in QF, but not yet to HMRC) my second VAT return. The first return was fine as everything I purchased was reclaimable, but this second return included a mobile phone bill as I switched my contract from my own name (as a sole trader) to the company. On the return I have reclaimed the VAT, but I have found out that as the phone is available for personal use I should only claim 50% of the VAT.

So, do I:

  • Submit the same figures to HMRC and pretend that the phone wasn’t used for personal use for that month (unlikely the correct thing to do!)
  • Submit the same figures but submit next quarter’s figures adjusted to reflect the error
  • Submit the correct figures to HMRC and post something, somehow into QF
  • Somehow undo the submission in QF and resubmit with the correct figures, then submit the corrected figures to HMRC

The last option seems like the most sensible, but I’m not sure if it’s possible. I’m only talking about half of the VAT on a single month’s bill, for the grand total of £2.87, but I don’t like the idea of just leaving it and hoping for the best!

Thanks all.

I would go with the last option too. You can easily rollback a VAT return, modify the phone invoice and re-submit. The fact you haven’t yet submitted anything to HMRC gives you the freedom to modify the VAT return.