Amending documents - ie the invoice

using the CSS styles is there a way that I can amend the ‘invoice’ to call it a ‘Booking confirmation’ and change invoice number to ‘Booking number’?

I want to use it on the same way to tell people they need to pay just don’t want it called an invoice?

I expect i know the answer because i couldn’t find a way of changing the actual text in CSS invoice design but thought i would ask

If you go to Account Settings and select invoice customisation, you can change the heading there:

This wouldn’t change the field names, it would still show as ‘Invoice No.’.

This week we rolled out an update that effectively allows you to change any static text (e.g. labels on the invoice fields) to anything you like. This would certainly offer one way to solve your problem. I haven’t had a chance to prepare the documentation for this yet but will do so in the following days.

There is an even easy (non-CSS) way and that’s how @Parker1090 suggests. But as mentioned this is only suitable for the main heading.

As a follow up to Glenn’s post, this have now been implemented.

Please see this topic for info:

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@Glenn So I have tried to use this to change the ‘invoice’ text and the invoice number text and it hasn’t worked at all?

Have i done something stupidly wrong?

The CSS code I have entered is:

.transform-invTypeName1 {
.transform-invLabel_01 {
content:“Booking no:;”

The invoice number has not changed and the invoice header text has just gone and left a blank space?



Take a look now, I think the parser had problems reading those curly quotation marks :smile:

The one below works fine.

I only updated the title but if you try updating the other label making sure to manually add those quotation marks you should be good.

Let me know if you have any further problems.

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