Amending payment date on legacy sales invoice when locked

I have entered the wrong payment date on an old sales invoice. The date it was actually paid is in this finical year but I have marked them as paid in the last financial year by mistake. I want to add in the correct payment date so my accountant can run end of year. It appears to be locked though. Is there any way I can unlock it to amend to the true payment date? Thanks

This transaction has been locked as it relates to a previously submitted VAT return

Hello @ashleyrice
You would need to reverse and re enter the transactions correctly.

  • Post a money out transaction and tag as refund (with original dates)
  • Make a copy of invoice and pay with correct dates

Thanks Steve, How do I post money out transaction?

Hello @ashleyrice

View you bank and select New Transaction, enter date ref and amount, and select money out as type

I don’t have bank feeds at present

Hello @ashleyrice

You do not need bank feeds to do this (example below)

Ok - How do I tag as refund and how do I copy invoice? Do you mean raise a new invoice?

To Tag a Money In transaction as a refund please do the following

  • Click Tag Me
  • Click Refund to a customer
  • Select the Original Invoice


You can Make a Copy of an invoice by

  • Opening the invoice you wish to copy
  • Select More Options
  • Make a Copy

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