Amending the "account" an invoice was paid from

Hi Guys

Hoping someone can help on this one…

I have a number of invoices that i have marked as paid from the current account of the business.

In reality i paid the invoices myself so would like to know if its possible to amend the “paid from” data and change it to the directors loan account?
Was hoping to illustrate that i had paid it (as a director) and to add this value to the directors loan account rather than the current account for 2 reasons -
1- so the account balance on quickfile matches the business current account and
2- so that in the future i could repay myself for the money spent.

Any advice/suggestions would be welcomed!


Hello @bromjac

You certainly can change the “paid from” bank account. There are two ways to do this, both are outlined in this post:

As you say, once the balance is moved to the DLA, this will then show as being paid by a director.

Hope this helps!

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