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American Express Gold bank feed


How can I setup a bank feed for American Express Gold Card for all my business purchases.


Hi @babar

If you have a Bank Feed Subscription, you should be able to use one of the American Express feeds. I’ve done a quick search on Yodlee, and it does look like it’s available:


I have tried all three but its not working
I have a power subscription.


What errors are you seeing? If you copy the web address you would normally use for American Express, and paste it into the Yodlee search box (top of my screenshot above), what result do you see?


I am not sure If have done it correctly

I have American Express business charge card
do I setup the bank feed under credit card or under general bank account

if I setup under credit card then I get error “account re-verification required” message


The bank account type in QuickFile doesn’t affect the feed, so credit card or general account doesn’t matter either way.

The error message suggests you need to re-enter your login details. It should basically follow the same process as you logging in online.


which I did
Please see the attached error

please also note the link for my amex account is

where as the options on Quickfile are (see attached file)

Image Removed



Based on the URL you provided above, it does seem that the first option is the correct one:


Just to confirm - you’re entering your details, and it keeps coming back with the login details are incorrect? And the same User ID and Password work all OK if you login directly at American Express?


yes thats correct

there is no option in the Quickfile for the link I provided.

as mentioned before we use AMEX gold Purchase card for all the purchases.


Doing a search on Yodlee using the web address returned the 2 results I listed above, so this should work as far as I can tell.

However, I’m going to send you a private message to get some account details from you, and we’ll take a closer look.