Amex bank feed errors from Dec 2022

Hi, not sure what’s happened but we have random transactions missing from AMex feed during November/ December 2022. Is it possible to re-run the feed from 28/11/2022 to 23/12/2022?
1 out of 7 transactions came through which makes me think it wasn’t because we failed to refresh.
Any help appreciated.

Hello @Susiec

You can only re run the feed back 21 days.

For anything older that 21 days, you would have to import a bank statement or manually enter the transactions.

Hi Steve, thanks, couldn’t quite remember how far back it could be re-run. I’ve just discovered other random transactions missing from Barclaycard feed (3 from different parts of October). Any ideas as to what causes this? Any way to safeguard against it? I currently have a process of double checking QF bank balance at end of each quarter against actual bank/Credit Card balances which is how a problem gets flagged that I can track down, but it seems a little random.

It’s not many entries so will enter manually but would rather have greater confidence in the feeds. Any suggestions?

Hello @Susiec

You could enable balance monitoring and we’ll check the balance reported on your Open Banking feed with your QuickFile balance. If there’s a discrepancy we’ll let you know about it.

To do this
Click on “Active Feed” next to your Amex feed
Click the Monitoring tab
Tick the options you wish to apply and save


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