Amount of unpaid invoices to show remained balance


on the sales management page, I typically filter by unpaid to show what money we are expecting in. There is a total of the number of items off to the right and the sum amount of the invoices. As we take deposits for some larger orders these are part paid.

I know I can select to show part paid values from the drop menu, but the sum total doesn’t reflect this outstanding value which is good to see as an overview.

Could it be changed to be something like

23 Items found (Total Amount: x,xxx.xx) Total Unpaid: x,xxx.xx

Hi @DesignStitchSew

Thank you for your suggestion. I believe this has come up previously, although not as a feature request but more of a bug report / query.

The orange box was designed to show the totals of the invoices rather than balances, and I believe it’s more of a technicality that prevents us from showing it. I suppose this could be something we can look at if the partial balances are already shown, but we can take a closer look if there’s enough support from the QuickFile community.

We’ll leave your thread open for others to add their votes and comments.

sorry I didnt mean the orange box that is based off selections. I meant the total that appears at the top right of the table.

If its not possible, could you add in some sum totals to the bottoms of the ageing reports?

This would be very useful. Also in relation to that, what would also be useful is if the reminder emails on partly paid invoices showed the remaining balance instead of showing the whole amount - at the moment we have to manually amend the individual emails to point out that’s the original balance and not the owing balance.

I agree,
its related to at lease 2 previous topics going back to 2014
“Debtors ageing report re:Payment on account”
“Prepayments not showing in Debtor (Clients) Ageing Report”


If all these items could be looked at and addressed as one fix!