Annual investment allowance (Assets)

In this accounting year i purchased some machinery. And i will be able to classify it under the AIA rule. Which means i can claim 100% tax back. How do i make sure this is visible in my quick file account as there is not a category for this?
I will be using the year end service provided by your selves. And I don not want it to be missed by your accountants. Hope this makes sense.


AIA is to be shown on tax return not accounts

So I state it in the accounts as a asset, but then how do HMRC know that it comes under AIA for when they produce my tax bill?

You need to put it under AIA section in your tax return

I am having the same problem. I know that I should add it into the AIA section in my tax return but I would like it to show up in my profits and loss report in quickfile as I use quickfile to create a report for my tax return. This is hard if I can’t see the AIA expenses.