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Any chance of an IOS/android QuickFile app?

Any chance of an IOS/android QuickFile app?

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It is cloud based. Open a browser, go to website, do accounts. The site is pretty responsive, I cannot see why you would need an app.

Potentially one where you can take photos of receipts etc and upload them.

The site is not responsive at all for mobiles so if that was made responsive it would help a lot

There is an app to upload receipts called camscanner. Take the photo with that and upload either by email or Dropbox. Works well too

As for the app, while I don’t work for QuickFile, i an aware they don’t have the resources to develop an app. This is why the iPhone receipt app was discontinued a few weeks ago

Building a native app for iOS or Android is like building and maintaining a parallel version of the QuickFile web app (ok there would be some shared parts). If resources/cost were no object this could be done, but even then I think it would be better to go down the route of developing a more responsive layout for mobile browsers.

Receipt capture is one area that needs a native app to work, as @Parker1090 mentions CamScanner works very well with QF, I’ve used it myself for several years.


Thanks Glenn. Do you have a timescale on when the site may be more responsive?

I’m afraid it’s not on our near to mid term agenda. Perhaps Q1/Q2 of 2016.

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Thanks Glenn. Do you have a copy of your agenda with upcoming updates to QuickFile?

Unless they’ve changed, generally QuickFile doesn’t have a ‘set agenda’ as such.

This topic from the old forums will help clear it up:

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The whole point of development cost and time aside, a dedicated, native app are always preferable to a mobile site. There is a reason why all the major websites we use these days offer native apps in addition to mobile versions of their websites.

Native apps are a lot more responsive, integrate with the host OS/device and other apps. For example, the CamScanner app could simply ‘share’ the scans with the QuickFile app, whereas it could not ‘share’ the same scan with the QuickFile mobile website since it can only see the browser app, not the mobile site itself. Integrations with other apps, e.g. a time tracker (run time tracker app to record how long you’ve worked at a client’s, then raise an invoice in QuickFile for, say, 2 hours from within the tracker app).

A mobile site also has to take into account the wide range of browsers on the various devices.

Having said that, I had to deal with a few invoices while on tour in Ireland last week, and was able to do so fine using a browser on my Android phone (just a lot of scrolling around on the small screen).

If it came down to a mobile web version or a native app, my vote would be for a native app.

Competing products are either developing native apps (FreeAgent) or already have them (FreshBooks, QuickBooks and others), so the demand is clearly there.

Either way, I do understand the point about cost and time, and personally, as much as I love to see an app, it is very low on my wish list.

Just as an FYI, I’ve come to investigate quickfile as I have a tiny business and a busy life, and desperately want a lightweight mobile app that’s less crippled and expensive than xero, and not expensive in general. I’m talking about managing maybe 100 transactions a year, with just half a dozen nominals and a P&L / balance sheet. I’m an accountant at work, but sage, xero, quick books and the like are just too heavy.
Just my two pence. Thanks!

I think a basic native app could be good - a simple method to add clients, enter and send invoices and enter purchases. (Maybe further down the road stripe integration to allow customers to pay an invoice on the spot.)

Anything more complex like registering other payments, bank account transfers, drawings and uploading receipts etc. can all be done via the website. when back home.

Alternatively, is there an API (even if it’s under an NDA) that an app developer could use to write their own native app for QF to do some of these functions?)

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Hi @tellytart

We have an API which is available to be used by anyone with a QuickFile account. Documentation and more details can be found here:

Just my 2 cents. Don’t build an app… focus on making the core product as good as possible.

Making an app for Android and iOS is like have three separate products for minimal utility gain. I think 1 great product is better than 3 mediocre products. Don’t spread yourselves too thin.

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We have no intention to build an app, and I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments.

This discussion is really around setting up the framework so 3rd parties such as @tellytart have the necessary tools to build and market their own apps.

Hi Glenn, we are in the process of buliding our own app that would directly work with Quickfile. The app will allow users to send invoices, estimate, and upload receipts.

Hi Adam,

Thank you for letting us know about this. If there’s anything we can help with please don’t hesitate to send a private message to either @Glenn or I and we’ll do our best to assist.

Hey we are often out on the road as seeing and sorting quotes and sending out invoices.

We really hope one day quickfile will crate a mobile app for android as this will be so much easier to use then logging in online from mobile currently we have to zoom in and out on some area making sure we press the correct button.

Please please can quickfile think of developing a mobile app linked to our accounts I am sure this will help others aswell.


Hello @Event_Medical

Thank you for your post. I’ve merged it into the existing topic on the same subject. An app isn’t something that’s on our planned, but I’m aware of other users - such as those included above - who are working on developing apps.

@Adam_Lahouidek and @tellytart may be able to advise on their progress with these.

Hey @Adam_Lahouidek and @tellytart are you able to provide an update will there be an app?? we finding it difficult to do quotes and invoices from the mobile when we are on the move. Thank you.