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Any Chance of CIS Application?



i have taken a look at the work around and it seems to work for the most part so i am running a trial with this current periods data. now i can get what i actually owe and what is owed to match. now i think this might be two factors one. we have some subcontractors that are vat registered and two we have some that have materials and labour and of sources CIS applies to just the labour. and idea how to get around this ?


The following section of the HMRC guidance may help here (src):

How to make a CIS deduction
To make a deduction from a subcontractor’s payment, start with the total (gross) amount of the subcontractor’s invoice.

Take away any of the following the subcontractor has charged for:

  • VAT
  • materials
  • equipment which is now unusable (‘consumable stores’)
  • fuel used, except for travelling
  • equipment hired for this job (‘plant hire’)
  • manufacturing or prefabricating materials
  • Finally, deduct the CIS percentage rate (as given to you by HMRC) from the amount left. You’ll be left with the net - amount you need to pay the subcontractor.

Whatever CIS you deduct will determine the NET amount you pay to the subcontractor and the figure transferred from your current account to the CIS holding account.

The example in the guide uses £500 gross and £400 payable, but it could easily be £500 gross and £350 payable.

If you have any doubts I’d recommend running it by your accountant just to be sure.


Hi, I already have CIS as an item on my invoices, is it possible to do a search by item so I can find all invoices with CIS? I just tried the work around posted above, but couldn’t get my head around it. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @Laura1

If there are particular details you can search (e.g. invoice name, client name etc.), you could do an advanced search on the invoice screen:

There are also 2 articles for CIS in our knowledge base which may be of some help:

Hope that helps!

Estimates and Invoice Paging

KASHflow dose provides CIS are there others that do a full inclusive CIS option, as Quickfile is limited been like it since it onset just advising work arounds rather than dealing with the issue which needs to be easy and simple.


Having the CIS implemented would greatly help many users.

Any chance of getting it implemented?


@OvidiuS - There are no updates here at the moment, but we’ll certainly update this post if there are any updates.


Guys i know this is only relevant to companies who have a number of CIS contractors and that is not the ideal way but we have just gone over to a new payroll system called payroll manager by moneysoft it takes care of all of our CIS for us so we now all we do is create a purchase an input a line that is a Minus CIS line, then at the end of the period and we have our CIS totals we just do a quick journal to adjust the subcontractors and the CIS account. we find this a lot easier than current work around


@OvidiuS This is a marketplace app we are looking at building so hopefully should be sorted in the next couple of months


@SQKaccountancy, @mathump3 & @QFSupport Thank you for the info


Let me know when CIS is added, a new client didn’t use qf because it doesn’t have CIS


As QF is the best, easiest, efficient and robust accounting software in the market, it would be gr8 that there is a default option for CIS contractor and subcontractor calculation.
I’ve seen the way it can be carried out, which is an option but would be gr8 if that is automated.


@KUBE - I’ve moved your post to the existing feature request.