Any Chance of CIS Application?

Many of our clients are CIS registered. Kashflow offers a CIS facility. Would it be beneficial for Quickfile to include this feature in the program? We believe so.


It’s certainly something we’ve considered but I have to be honest it’s not something that’s on our near term plan (within the next 3 months) right at this moment. I’ll leave this feature request open so others can add their +1 and if we make any progress here I shall report back.

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+1 from me.

Currently I use this workaround from the old forum.

An additional shortcut after setting up as above is to enter the invoice total as a negative number in Unit Cost (just put - in front of the amount), and paste in 0.2 in Qty.
This will calculate 20% deduction for you. Use copy & paste to enter the 0.2 because currently the Qty field won’t let you type in decimal points.

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Thank you. Very useful. We will pass this onto our CIS clients.

This would certainly be helpful, so definite yes please from me. As I’ve been getting more involved with construction industry work I’m surprised how many businesses try to avoid dealing with CIS (which is illegal) just because they don’t want the complexity involved. Having an accounting system that makes it less so would certainly help me. I’m still struggling to understand the workarounds.

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Just thought I would mention please be careful to ensure calculation if the figure is gross to net or net to gross. Thanks for tip on using 0.2 drc, never thought of using that to calculate it

I know this has been covered a few times but any timeline on the CIS integration.
It would massively help all the sole traders and contractors that work with the system, which I am sure is a very large percentage.

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I’m sorry to say that there is no update I can give you at this stage. We will review this later but probably not until Q2 of 2015.

+1 from me please. I have seen some workarounds for subcontractors. But still seeking something for a contractor. I have a feeling it involves creating a bank account that is used as the CIS payments… But need more info / help.



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There are a few workarounds for CIS, you will find some of them on our old forum:

I have to be honest I am not that knowledgeable on CIS so I can’t really add much to the discussion. We are looking to bring together all these separate posts and put them all into one coherent guide on the knowledgebase, I’m hoping we can do this in the next few weeks.

We have around 50 CIS subcontractors so a CIS feature would be awesome for us. in our opinion its the only thing that lets Quick file down

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Absolutely! One of our client has switched to another accounting system because Quickfile did not offer a CIS facility. This is a real shame!. The client pays £12 per month to use the other system. We would prefer all our clients to use Quickfile as we believe that it is a great tool. Hopefully CIS will be an additional feature soon.


What is the position with CIS being integrated with QF. I have seen some mention of the Q2 of 2015. Is this still the case ?


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We are still waiting for this facility. Hopefully it will come soon. We are using the solution as described here:
It works alright for us as we are accountant however it can be problematic for some of our clients who are not number crunchers!


I’m afraid CIS will not likely be something we can address in Q3 or Q4 of 2015. I will however update you if there are any changes here. We are currently going through a significant rebuild of our infrastructure and software to scale for the coming years.

I am sorry to disappoint, if any software developers would like to build some CIS reporting tools through our API we would be more than happy to assist on this front.

I understand that it will be a while until this is looked at but i wanted to get a few ideas out there in regards to CIS. it would be great not only to have a CIS ability when creating invoice but also a report function like you have for the VA. So i don’t then need to sit down once a month work out all the amounts per contractor and i can just copy it directly to the online return form. also a report function to print off individual subcontractor statements would be awesome it would save me having to collate all the returns at the end of the year.


This is a real shame. 3 of our clients (who are CIS subcontractors) have abandonned QF and returned to Kashflow due to the lack of CIS application. They could not invoice their clients with a simple 20% automatic deduction from the labour they charged. Calculating the deduction was something they did not want to do as they has to do it manually and was subject to human error. It is a real shame.

If QF could start with this simple step it could make a difference for some subcontractors.


I think he’s on the case. :wink:

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Any news on this feature ? been a just on 9 months and still no news. we love this application bur as we start to develop the lack of CIS might prompt the accountant to advise the director to look else were. Not something i am keen on but if needs must.

Even if QF was to release in stages. ie basic auto deduction of 20% for subcontractors if a box is ticked and it gets posted to the right nominal account

Then bring in reporting at a later stage.

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I’m afraid this is not something we’re currently working on right now. I hope that we can look at this further at some point in the next 3-6 months, but I’m afraid I can’t provide any guarantees.

We do have a fairly low maintenance solution at the moment for CIS contractors (see here for more details), this involves posting your gross sub-contractor payments to a holdings account, then when the NET payment leaves your bank account this is tagged as a transfer to the CIS holdings account. This allows you to conveniently track any CIS related liabilities.

I doubt that we’ll go down the route of offering a check box as it requires a significant overhaul of some underlying systems to make that work. We will however seek to extend the reporting side and possibly allow CIS returns to be delivered electronically to HMRC.

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