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How can I do a data dump in CSV format?

I would like to know if there is a way that I can download all my data from Quickfile into a .CSV format so that more powerful analysis can be carried out in Excel?

Is it possible to download all invoice sales data fields, which are not all included in the Backup file.

Or download all itemised fields by invoice number?

thanks for your help,

Hi @pelican

Performing an account back up would give you an extraction of the data within your account. However, because of the way files like CSV work, it’s not possible to show the data in the way it’s stored (e.g. full invoice details).

What sort of data were you looking to extract? Perhaps we can suggest some way of doing this

additional information on top of the CSV backup information, I want to chooses the Net also the CIS and the gross amounts.

We have two guides on how to handle CIS within QuickFile for contractors and subcontractors, but this wouldn’t be reflected in any invoice values in the CSV file, as they’re just methods of payment.

That said, the file Sales_Receipt.csv contains a list of payments, the amount, date, client and details (including invoice numbers) which you could drill down on in spreadsheet software like Excel. If you have a bank account like the one in the links above, “CIS Deductions” then you can filter the data by the bank account name.

With the net value, this is shown in the Sales_Invoice.csv file. There are 5 monetary columns:


Hope that helps

Why don’t you have the system work with CIS? The cis problem has been around for years and from the onset of your development. What I would like to do is have subcontractor’s invoice through this system as suppliers of labour also under CIS terms.

All tax reports ignore the tax paid CIS as well, need simplicity, if poss.

What i want to see is the deduction amount on the ITEM line i have as CIS (minus amount)

The sales invoice CSV dont list all the item amounts only total and you don’t have a total tax paid field on the invoices only for the VAT charged.

I recommend adding your vote to the feature request for CIS if you haven’t done so already. We do actively monitor feature requests and investigate those with interest from the community (providing they are relevant to QuickFile and we have the available resources).

Tax reports will ignore the CIS payments, because we don’t directly support it, it’s just the workarounds that are available at the moment. However, we do have users (some with large accounts) using the CIS methods described in the knowledge base, without any issues.

The exporting of invoice lines relates to what I mentioned above:

While this isn’t possible at the moment, you’re welcome to start a feature request topic if you wish, requesting a file for the invoice lines. We can certainly consider this, especially if there are a considerable number of users looking for export.

so thats a never then? seen the date 2014 and i know my enquirers pre date that . So there is no plane to provided CIS Billing and tax recording in the next 4 years :slight_smile:

It’s neither a never nor a definite. We take many factors into consideration when looking at feature requests before deciding to proceed further.

We have quite a few feature requests open, and we do actively check and monitor them. I see that you’ve added your vote to the topic by commenting which is the correct thing to do. If there are any updates, we will update that topic.

It may interest you to know that we now include invoice and purchase itemised lines in the backup set. They are stored in a separate CSV file and keyed to the main invoice via the Invoice_ID.