Anyone using QF for their property management please?

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I’m new to QF and am using it for my Video production business (clang!) but am wondering if anyone here uses QF to manage their property portfolio. If so do you have an entirely different QF account - as in username+PW or can you create different “books” under one account. As in I’d login with my UN/PW and I can choose my business books to work on or my property instead.

I’ve searched the KB for property related and from what I’ve read I’m not sure if QF is right for property but am open to feedback and ideas of course.

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Are both activities under same company name?

Hi Faraday,
No. Both entirely separate and no way linked.

Hi @Mags

If the two businesses operate as two separate legal entities, you would need to separate accounts (and therefore two usernames and passwords).

However, providing your account isn’t connected to an accountant’s Affinity account, you may wish to check out Affinity. This has been designed for accountants, bookkeepers and those accessing multiple accounts, and will allow you to essentially use one username and password to access multiple accounts.

Thanks for the reply there. So in short I can either buy into the Affinity program for my convenience of having only one username/password for my business and my property or set up a new username and password for just my property?

That’s correct. Because they’re not the same legal entity, you shouldn’t mix the data from one with the other. If they operated under the same limited company for example, then you could use just the one account.

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Fab, thanks for the detail & clarification.

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Used Quick File for one company as a test… Has worked well so have opened a/c with QF Affinity. This carries over all transactions from QF but in addition I can set up numerous non-related companies. Very, very reasonable especially when compared with Sage