API: Get Client Contact

Playing with the Webhook feature, I notice there’s one there to notify you of a new client contact - is there a way to get the full information on just contact, or do I have to pull the full client details to get all contacts?

On a related note, I assume there are plans for a ClientContactUpdated function on the web hook too? :smile:

The WebHooks will only deliver the minimum information which will typically be an ID, you’d then need to pull the relevant meta data from the API.

There is a hook for client_contact_updated, is this not documented?

Regarding the client_contact_updated - just me having a dull moment. It’s there in plain black and white for me to see!

Not sure you understand what I mean with the webhook though. When you have this, for example:

"ClientContactsCreated": [ 
        "TimeStamp": "2015-05-08T10:14:22", 
        "Id": 448492, 
        "ClientId": 858189 

It states the ID of the contact, but there’s no way of pulling just that contact. As far as I can see, you have to pull the whole client information from the API, which in turns shows all the contacts.

Just wondered if there was an easier way, or if yet again, I’m missing something?

Oh OK, on the API side I think you would need to pull the whole contact. I believe however in the ReturnData node you can leave everything off apart from ClientContacts.


Ok, thanks or confirming @Glenn

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