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API - Not allowing credit note in foreign currency

I am trying to generate a credit note via the API for a client that would like to receive their credit in EUR. We have a GBP bank account and when we try to generate the credit note the API returns the following message:

Credit note bank currency (GBP) must match credit note currency (EU

Is there a way to do this and apply the current exchange rate as you would get when using the manual process? The content of the credit note is somewhat complicated and we would like to avoid creating them manually if possible.

Many thanks

Hi @benmcintyre

Multi-currency credit notes aren’t currently supported through the API I’m afraid.

These will need to recorded manually on this occasion.

That’s unfortunate as the credit notes are quite complex. Are there any plans to implement such functionality, perhaps adding an exchange rate attribute to apply to the credit note?

Not at this time I’m afraid, partially down to the complexity of them, as you mentioned.

If there’s enough interest from the community, then we can certainly look at this in more depth.

OK, thanks for your help.

The alternative I had pondered was generating it in GBP and then allowing the user to modify the credit note to EUR through the UI once it was created. I think that isn’t supported either. Any idea if editing credit notes is in the pipeline?