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API Purchase invoices and EC VAT


When adding a purchase invoice via the API the VAT is incorrect. It seems to be getting added twice and then only deducted once. If I click Modify and then Save it puts itself right.

How the invoice looks after creation:
How the invoice looks immediately after clicking Modify -> Save

The second screenshot is the correct values.


Hello @Nurg

We’ll certainly look into this. Are you able to provide me with a few API details please?

Are you using the XML or JSON endpoint?
Do you have any sample code that you could share with us please?



    "PurchaseData": {
        "SupplierID": 1311017,
        "ReceiptDate": "2018-03-29",
        "TermDays": "30",
        "Currency": "GBP",
        "InvoiceDescription": "[P1016] 12 products.",
        "ecVatExempt": true,
        "SupplierReference": "17978",
        "InvoiceLines": [
                "ItemLine": {
                    "ItemNominalCode": "5000",
                    "ItemDescription": "12 items including: 12xFootwear[F]",
                    "SubTotal": 167.4,
                    "VatRate": "20",
                    "VatTotal": "33.48"


Thanks @Nurg

I’ve managed to replicate this and have logged it with our team to investigate.



We’ve released an update which should resolve this issue. Would you mind giving it another go and confirming please?


Hi, tested and appears to be working as expected! Many thanks.


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