API: Return Document View URL on InvoiceCreate or on InvoiceSearch

Hi Again,

Sorry to be bothering, is it possible to return the view URL on Invoice_Create or Invoice_Get methods?


Hi @APereira

Thank you for your suggestion. We’ll be sure to let you know if anything changes here.

Thanks for your quick reply.

Are you able to let me know if there is any plan of integration or should I not expect it any time soon and just use the search endpoint where this is returned?


By the way, would also be useful to have the PDF link returned in to the Invoice_get and/or Invoice_getpdf

I am just trying to manage this in a way that less requests are required to be done to the API.

You could also say though that the way it works now less unnecessary data is sent back per request. Potato/tomato.

Yes true, but the amount of data returned by the request has less of impact on performance for both pears than if you do multiple requests at the same time.

On the example of what I am currently doing, a user creates a new document on our side, all the data related to the invoice is saved on our database which is picked up by a process that is running every seconds.

This process looks for documents (invoices on this case) that are not yet created on quickfile and grabs all their data so we can correlate everything and send data to the final client.

At the moment, I need to pickup the invoiceID and InvoiceNumber, which comes as a response from the Invoice_Create endpoint.

Then, I need to make a new query to get the ViewHref property from Invoice_search.
Another query is required to get the property PDfUri from invoice_getpdf.

We are doing a 3 requests per document, while if this data was returned in first or second place, it would be only one request, which even ignoring the fact that 3 requests is slower than 1, brings even more data attached :slight_smile:
Hope what I said make sense hehe

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