API stopped working

I am developing an app for Friends House Moscow which makes use of the QuickFile APIs. It has stopped working because any API call returns this request to complete a captcha by clicking “I’m not a robot”.

This is ridiculous - the app IS a robot! It is running on a remote web server I cannot get on the server and complete the captcha from there!

Please tell your API engine that calls from IP address with our header details are valid and should be accepted.

Hello @Roger_W_Haworth

This isn’t an issue I’ve come across previously, but I’ll certainly ask our team to investigate this. Do you have any examples or submission numbers I could pass on to them to see what you were receiving? I’ve tried the link you provided seems to work all OK. I’ve also removed it from your post as it seems to return live data.

@Roger_W_Haworth - I just wanted to confirm that your IP address has been whitelisted just to be sure, so you should no longer receive any issues.

Many thanks for fixing.

It is not clear from your wording: was the link I provided working for you before the IP address was whitelisted? If so, something strange was happening.

In case you are interested, here are some details. I first noticed the problem on 2017 Nov 05, Sun at about 13:00 GMT. Every API call was returning Captcha_instead_of_XML.htm (5.6 KB). I think my looking at the resource triggered the curious email Log_into_your_QuickFile_account.txt (15.6 KB). I don’t have exact submission numbers but since mine are of the format yyyymmddhhmmssx any submission numbers beginning 20171105 will probably show the problem.

The problem was still there when I checked at various time during Sunday afternonn and evening, last being about 23:50.

Apologies for that. Yes, the link was working and returning an API response when I first replied. I removed the link from public view as the data showed a list of clients returned by the API.

Thank you also for the details. It appears that your IP was being blocked by CloudFlare, but we’ve since whitelisted your IP with them and made some changes to prevent this thing forward.

I picked up your post at 7:333am yesterday, and my colleague resolved this first thing that morning. So any calls from yesterday morning at least, should go through all OK. Of course, please let us know if you experience anything different.

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