API - Supplier_Create expects different fields to web version

Just tried to create a supplier using the API, using the only required field from the standard dashboard (xxxxx.quickfile.co.uk), and it appears to expect more fields. The XSD document specifies that minimum occurrences are 0 (zero), but it still errors:

<Error>14The element 'SupplierDetails' in namespace 'http://www.QuickFile.co.uk' has incomplete content. List of possible elements expected: 'http://www.QuickFile.co.uk:CompanyNumber http://www.QuickFile.co.uk:SupplierReference http://www.QuickFile.co.uk:AddressLine1 http://www.QuickFile.co.uk:AddressLine2 http://www.QuickFile.co.uk:AddressLine3 http://www.QuickFile.co.uk:Town http://www.QuickFile.co.uk:CountryISO'.</Error>

I note you can leave them blank, but my understanding is it shouldn’t even expect them (unless I’m wrong?)

Actually, even the supplier reference isn’t required (although it’s marked as it is) on the web version

Are you supplying a CountryIso? This is a mandatory field in the schema.

We just ran a test and supplying just the CompanyName & CountryIso will validate, also any permutation of the fields inbetween should also work.

I thought I was, but just tried it without and it worked, so apparently I wasn’t!

Thanks anyway!

(by the way - the sandbox has lost it’s styling)

OK great,

By the way those other two API methods you proposed have been completed and should be live next week.

I’ll make sure the Sandbox styling gets fixed too.

EDIT: Sorry the sandbox styling issue needs a redeploy to fix, most likely next week now.

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