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API WebHooks InvoicesPaid

We have been looking at implementing webhooks for integration with our own system.

On the documentation I can see a refer to “InvoicesPaid (Online payment channel only)” does this means that the action will only happens if our customers pay for the invoice online?

We would like this to be triggered every time and invoice is paid/marked as paid.


Hi @APereira

That’s correct.

But you may also wish to look at PaymentsCreated too: https://api.quickfile.co.uk/Webhooks/Schema#PaymentsCreated

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That will be triggered every time there a document is marked as paid?

If yes, do you have any c# samples?

Hi @APereira

Everytime a sales payment is created, this should be triggered. That is, the payments you can view by going to Sales >> View all payments.

I don’t believe this would be triggered by paying an invoice from account credit, for example.

Yeah, that’s not really what I am after.

What I am after is to have a notification every time an invoice has been paid/marked as paid, is it possible to add this functionality?

If not, the only way I see to do it, is to query invoices every now and again and check through the API.

When an invoice is marked as paid, a payment is created.

You should be able to see an example of this in the web interface.

Oh cool, I thought it was not related :slight_smile:

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