API Zero Vat Issue

Hi Guys,

So, we are using the QF API to push invoices from our bespoke website (PHP) to QF (circa 4000 orders p/a). We have just gone VAT registered and have built a zero rate VAT facility in our website for export orders shipped outside the EU. At our end the VAT is zero on the invoice, however when pushed across, QF seems to apply the VAT creating a part paid invoice. We are using the TAX1 API call. All currency is in sterling.

Any thoughts or guidance would be much appreciated.
Regards Andy

Hi @Andy_B

We can certainly take a look at this for you.

Would you be able to share an example of an API call you’re making please (removing any sensitive data) so we can test this on our end?

Hi Mathew, do you have a way of private or secure messaging you with that infomation?

Hi @Andy_B

Certainly - you can send a private message to QFSupport, which will include other members of our support team as well as myself. Click your avatar in the top right, then the envelope. You should then see the option to create a new message.

Hi Mathew, just sent the code over. Sent in PDF as it was the most presentable format.
Kind Regards


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