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Apply account credit to new invoices automatically

Hi there,

I register client payments through the API for recurring invoices, so in scenarios where the client has credit on their account, I want to ensure that they don’t get charged the full recurring invoice price, but rather only the price minus any credit on their account (and, of course, applying the credit to that invoice). I can’t find how I’d be able to do this without manually going into the Quickfile dashboard and clicking through the “Make Payment -> Apply credit” interface - can someone help?


Hi @curtispf

This isn’t currently possible through the API I’m afraid. I’ve moved your post to the #feature category for the moment, and we can certainly look at adding this in the future.

It isn’t a common issue for us but when it does happen it is an overhead that we could do without. It would need to be switchable by client as we have also had major clients who wanted to specify which credit notes they were using against which invoices.

I think going on the fact that there are a few feature requests floating around on dealing with credit customers/suppliers it might be an idea to look at maybe taking a look at handling credit accounts separately rather than having to apply workarounds all the time. The current systems work fine for cash customers and suppliers, credit accounts need to be handled differently.

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