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Apply card handling fee

In the light of the new legislation on passing on card handling charges, is there any likelihood that QF will provide a different approach to this subject.
Previous to the government’s disclosure we were to implement this feature by adding a percentage. This would have been a very simple means of increasing our fees without having to amend every single recurring invoice. Unless you have any better ideas.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re question is here?

From January 2018 it will no longer be possible to apply credit/debit card surcharges. We will likely remove this option from QuickFile by January 1st. Some businesses will universally increase their prices to accommodate for this, although the feature in QuickFile that automatically applies a percentage at the payment gateway will no longer be permissible.

That’s what I thought would happen. Have you any suggestions on how we can implement an increase in fees without having to manually change all our recurring invoices?

I think it would need to be a manual process, do you have many recurring invoices?

… to consumer transactions - as I understand it they’ll still be allowed for B2B payments.

Yes there may be an exemption for Commercial Cards, although the type of card used will only be known once the end client is within the payment gateway. The merchant won’t be able to set a blanket charge for making an online payment, which is how the card handling fees on QuickFile are implemented at the moment.